About us

Who we are

Sint Stanislauw Kostka is the oldest scouting of the four groups in Veldhoven. The group was founded in 1946. our scouting group offers a varied activity program for children from 5 years up to and including young people of 25 years old.

Under the leadership of volunteers, there are usually all kinds of acticities on saturday morning or afternoon, in and around the cabin. A few times a year there is bivouac of camping during a weekend, and the game year is concluded with a summer camp in the summer holidays.

All existing disciplines within scouting are represented for both boys and girls. we currently have about 150 members including a clomplete board of 7 people.

Whats we do

In our scouting group, children learn to interact with each other, work together and develop social skills. Not only do they work in their own game branch, but we also regularly have group activities of a day or weekend with all scouts together. This gives the children the opportunity to engage in other games as well. In our scouting group the children are given a varied range of games, they are structurally occupied and are guided in their activities.

Guidance is provided by the leadership. A complete staff team is available for each game branch. Many of our staff members have also been youth members of our group. They moved on and were eventually found willing to voluntarily lead our group. These volunteers spend about 8 hours a week on scouting. Then they also run about 3 weekends a year and they go on camp for a week in the summer.

All our leaders must be in possession of a VOG and must also follow an internal qualification process. They are monitored and guided by our practical counselors (trainers qualified by Scouting Nederland). Our practical supervisors also regularly organize evening courses for all managers. In this way, the management is brought to and maintained at the required quality level. They are therefore very intensively involved in our group. In general, the management remains involved with the group for a long time and there is therefore little turnover.

Our game branches

Our scouting group has the following game branches (age groups):

Name BrancheBoys/Girls Age Day Time Contribution
(per quarter)
Beversmixed5 t/m 7 saturday10:30 – 12:30 € 32,50
Shanti-hordegirls7 t/m 11saturday14:00 – 16:30€ 40,00
Welpenboys7 t/m 11saturday14:00 – 16:30€ 40,00
Gidsengirls11 t/m 15saturday10:30 – 13:00€ 42,50
Verkennersboys11 t/m 15saturday13:30 – 16:30€ 42,50
Rowans & Sherpa’smixed15 t/m 18saturday20:00 – 23:00€ 45,00
Pivo’smixed18 t/m 22saturday20:00 – 23:00€ 45,00
Ramstammixed>22saturday20:00 – 23:00€ 32,50

On our game branch page you can find more information about our game branches. Additional information regarding our group is included in our information booklet (additional to the previous information).

Cabin ‘t Gurke

We are very proud of our beautiful location. Our log cabin is located in a beautiful area between Veldhoven and Knegsel. Our log cabin is located in the middle of the woods. Our outdoor area also has a large campfire circle and a large playing field. A fantastic opportunity to play for the scouting game.

Click here for more information about our cabin.